Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nikolay Suslov 921749acec update aframe and tone libs 4 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov f3d1f8221a Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/lcs-v0.8.2' 7 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov 9df9ea42eb update AFrame and ToneJS lib 7 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov 6bea693262 delete unused files 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov fbaa7bc982 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/lcs-v0.8.1' 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov 9de64e4aff remove unused files 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov 1129540bc4 default config update 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov 843f300546 add new worlds 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov c437904cfc proxy objects for two.js, pts.js, tone.js 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov 033879132a two.js, pts.js, tone.js view drivers and libs 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov efa6fd1f8d two.js, pts.js and tone.js drivers 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov b27e2650ae update aframe libs 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov cce01bf879 new standalone mode 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov 69cdc31168 add new libs 10 months ago
  Nikolay Suslov dd198d8975 Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/lcs-v0.8.0' 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov ede2c2cbab update version 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov 7149ce3474 update mdc 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov 759a4ee801 update tonejs lib 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov 8a9c1741ce update aframe to 1.2 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov df6911276d Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/lcs-v0.7.5' 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov 0e00cf1832 new version 0.7.5 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov 70b133045f lot of fixes and new features 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov 5311d3233b add copy/cut/paste/dub and fix world 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov a97f085b3d change config 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov db0abd5117 add clock app 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov 310cb3979a fix switches 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov 642d1abd75 more fixes 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov dea88a2028 fix interpolation 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov c809005a08 update mdc, cell libs 1 year ago
  Nikolay Suslov dbc61a74b8 fix 1 year ago